Your summer staples sorted!

Summer is officially on the way, which means it’s time to neatly fold the sweaters up and store them at the back of the closet where they won’t get in the way of your new warmer-weather staples.

So what exactly have the fashion designers debuted on the latest catwalks for us to adapt and translate into our own wardrobes? Well for a start, blouses for women have made several appearances on the catwalks during the last few seasons, which is great news because what’s better for summer dressing than a cool, chic woman’s blouse?

The best thing about blouses for women is that they can be dressed up and dressed down in just a few easy steps, which means it’s perfect to take you from office to cocktail bar in no time at all. And when cocktails are on the menu, time really is of the essence! Martinis wait for no one!

A simple white blouse is the epitome of class and elegance. Just make sure it isn’t too see-through; you don’t want everyone thinking you only got that promotion at work because your boss could see your underwear. And speaking of underwear, the right non-reflective bra is essential when wearing a white blouse. We recommend something in the nude department to keep reflection to a minimum!

Pair your white blouse with a high waisted pencil skirt and a wide belt, teamed with simple black heels and a large black tote bag for the office. We would then suggest ditching the sensible heels and going for some sky high ones in a bright colour for when the cocktail bar calls. Swapping your large office bag for a cute clutch in a contrasting colour or an outrageous print is optional, but something we definitely wouldn’t frown upon.

Blouses for women don’t just fall under the plain white blouse section. Printed blouses are becoming increasingly more popular, with pretty much any design imaginable featured on a blouse. Have a thing for nature? It’s there. What about wildlife? There are blouses for that too! And what about if you have an obsession with pineapples? Believe it or not, we’ve seen one with our very own eyes. We really did mean it – everything is possible!

Pussybow blouses or blouses with cute Peter Pan collars are another firm favourite. I especially love the Peter Pan collar blouse because it allows for you to experiment with your neck jewellery. If there was a chunky necklace you wanted to debut but weren’t sure how to rock it, the Peter Pan collar blouse is the perfect piece to wear. Simply tuck it under the collar and let it shine in a bold and on-trend way!

So we’ve covered women’s blouses, but what else can you add to your ever-expanding summer wardrobe? Strapless tops and dresses are essential for when you go on vacation or are doing a spot of sunbathing, as they ensure you won’t get those pesky and unwanted tan-lines. Vest tops are another simple staple to add to skater skirts and hotpants, and are great for a base. Add dungarees, crochet waistcoats and anything else your heart sartorially desires. We love you, summer!

xo, Alyssa



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