Fashion Mia Wishlist

Among my selection of clothing from Fashion Mia, which is one of those online boutiques that sell cheap dresses. These were the style that attracted me the most, bodycon dresses, and some of shift dresses too. I have just been addicted to dresses, partly because I am an effortless kind of person and wearing dresses is just like. Boom you wear one piece and you look so glam without even trying or thinking of what to wear.

It is still summer here in UAE but the sunsets are getting kind of more shorter. It is August now, and it is so amusing how time flies too fast. 
I'd be reviewing some cheap dresses from Fashion Mia soon.

What do you think of the new instagram story feature? Have you updated yet?  I'll never know what I'll get. Trying out cheap dresses is way fun. I hope the fitting is fine, but I ain't worrying cause my luck just never runs out. I don't know why but I am way lucky.

x Aly



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