Effortless in Basics

Nowadays when going off to work in which I just started mine recently. I just stick to basics and boom I can mix and match everything in unlimited combinations. So it is a win win! I wear basics under my white coat which makes me feel like I'm Liv from IZombie. Since I am now a junior scientist at the pathology lab. It is just so friggin hard being a millennial. I want to kind of change into an artsy field. I don't know how though. Hospitals are just too toxic. Or maybe just work in both fields.

I can't get over at styling basics with everything, which is totally effortless and versatile in almost all looks you would want to pull off. Isn't it? So I have made a mood board here in this post which are my lovely finds at Apparel Candy  which is an online boutique based in USA, that I have chosen from a wide array of clothing. They offer wholesale tops, which is totally great. If wholesale clothing is your thing don't hesitate in taking a peek. So you better check them out. Yeah!

x Aly



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