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Good day! From before I did buy clip in hair extensions. If you are not familiar with clip in hair extensions, well it is hair extensions that is easily put in your hair to increase volume and thickness. Also, from my experience I made my hair looking longer when I put my hair extensions. I want to recommend one online boutique called Besthairbuy, as they have very nice products.

Some of the hair extension products that they have in the online market is BestHairBuy clip in hair extensions. You can pick sizes whether you like regular, deluxe, super deluxe. In my personal experience when I bought a clip in type of a product it made my hair very long, thick. So my hair volume increased which made me very satisfied. If you like this type of product, then this is for you.

You can also check virgin brazilian Besthairbuy hair bundles which are very natural. If you are the type to tie your hair, then this is for you. Personally I haven’t tried the hair bundles but if there is chance I would like to because it looks like it is very easy to manage and put. I am not really into tied hair but it really just depends on the mood. As for me I would like my hair to be tied when the month is very sunny. But if it is winter time I like my hair to be free.

Lastly, they also have a hair extension product that is termed Besthairbuy tape in hair extensions. I have not yet also encounter this hair extension product but it looks very easy to manage and put. The hair extension looks pretty as well. I suggest if you don’t like too much volume that the clip in hair extensions provide give this one a try. Since the tape in hair extension can just add a bit of a volume.

Thanks for reading. By the way last month you can check out my travels by following my Instagram @alyinwxnderland. I had a lot of fun in Tbilisi, Georgia. Talk to you soon. I am updating always.

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