Bikini That I Got from Up Bra

I have been wanting a bikini that gives me more lift honestly I was MIA in blogging. Since Upbra collab with me this set last June, and I just posted now. Anyways I need forgiveness for that, and so I posted now. When I selected this set I picked 34 B and the lift was amazing. Since my boobies are not that well endowed that time I honestly can say it boosted my confidence when I wore it.

Now forward to my current month. All of the times being a woman can be challenging. You’re judged by your tities, if it’s not big enough, you’re not feminine. Upbra made it bigger for me. I have been going to the gym sometimes when I have time. It has been 3 months I’ve been doing chest workouts I’ve gained a cup or more, which was accomplishment but I have to invest in other sizes as well. So the challenge is that the chest changes in size as I get older. So being a woman we must invest in different sizes of bra. One should have a regular check. If you’re looking for more lift I totally recommend them. They are a US brand. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned. What are your thoughts? Have you tried this brand too? Comment down below.

x Aly



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