Bra Styling Tips for Bigger and Smaller Breast

‘Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things we don’t show’, said a diva who we are certain wears her lingerie with style. Styling the clothes that we wear is easy, for it depends on one’s comfort and taste. You like a shirt and you buy it, knowing fully well that it is one size bigger than the size you would normally buy for yourself. But, that nowadays is no big deal. With a little styling, you can wear that big shirt with a belt or just wear it as is and call it the boyfriend shirt. Not so much with your bra though. The bra size has to be perfect: a little loose and the breasts will jiggle, a little tight and the breasts will fight.  We can all do with a few tips on how to size our bras if we are either blessed with too much or are wanting for more when it comes to breasts.

When you style in such a way that less is more

Fret not ladies if you are a little less endowed, with a little help and styling tips you can make your bosom and cleavage look fabulous. Some of us who are called’ flat’, sometimes wonder if we should even wear a bra. However small your size is, it very important to support your breasts with a bra that fits you well. So quit wearing your beginner’s bra or sports bra get a regular bra like your other friends do, but in your true size. You are most likely to be a cup size A but it would be better if you measure yourself and use the bra size calculator to ascertain your cup as well as band size.

What’s should be your style for smaller breast?

The next step is to decide the kind of bra that would accentuate your petite cleavage. Let’s see some of the best picks for you:

1. Padded Bra- These bras are best to add volume to your bust while giving them a fuller look. You can go in for any style of bra as long as it is padded. The padded bra is undoubtedly your best pick to protect your breasts against their biggest nemesis- the gravity. 

2. Push up Bra- Push-up bra is considered the wonder bra for small busted women. It is designed to offer the most desired lift to your bust while giving the illusion of a fuller and appealing cleavage.

3. Bralette- Trust me ladies when I say this, having small breasts in not always a con. For the fashionistas out there, bralette is the silver lining amidst the clouds. Style your bralette with sheer mesh tops or wear them alone as a crop top without having to worry about sagging breasts and spillage woes. Now that you take the styling game into consideration, small breasts are a blessing in disguise. 

When you are endowed well

Knowing your exact cup and band size is paramount even if you are full figured.

What’s your style for bigger breast?

Now that you are already blessed with heavy breasts, you can avoid wearing a padded bra. Nature has done that job for you already. The point you need to keep in mind while getting a bra is that it doesn’t give your breasts an OTT look.

1. Spacer cup bra- Light as air seamless spacer cups fit like your second skin and prevent gaping and nipple show. It is best suited for women with heavy breasts as it offers a smoother and rounder look under body hugging tops.

2. Underwire bra- An underwired bra is perfect to get the most desired lift without the bulk of added pads. 

3. Full figure bra- With wide shoulder straps, broader wings, multiple hooks and a wide under band the full figure bra is specially designed keeping in mind the support your breasts needs. 

4. Lacey beauties- To treat the fashionista in you a non-padded underwired cage bra is your best pick.

5. Sports Bra- This is a must for ladies blessed with a heavy bust, to protect the tender breast tissues from any damage during a workout. And whoever said that sports bras aren’t sexy, needs to check the amazing bra collection at Clovia.

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