Crochet Cold Shoulder

It is quite cold nowadays in Dubai. I picked very comfortable boots from Rosegal, as well as the long sleeve top. The lace details of the cold shoulder top is lovely. The boots are so snuggling it feels good to wear though it’s a bit small for me but still it fits ok. Since it is cold here, my flu and seasonal rhinitis just comes and goes too, I feel so awful and I cannot breathe well. I don’t like it when I am sick. Also, I got a cute bag, the design is just too adorable. Thanks for reading. Keep updated with me by following my page on Instagram. Enjoy 25% Discount with coupon: RGBF1

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Crochet Cold Shoulder c/o Rosegal ( HERE )
Warm Snow Boots c/o Rosegal ( HERE )
Forest Printed Cross Body Bag c/o Rosegal ( HERE )

x Aly



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