Antique & Costume Jewellery: The Difference Explained

Antique jewellery is, by definition, an item that is more than one hundred years old. The word “antique” is used very generally by many, yet the correct definition of any antique item, whether it be jewellery or furniture is that magical century mark. If, for example, you are in the market for fine antique jewellery, you can trust online antique dealers as they can help you understand the difference between fine and costume jewellery.

Costume Jewellery

It can be made from any material, and it is designed to replicate precious and semi-precious stones, and costume jewellery is worn on glitzy social occasions. Inferior materials are used, unlike fine jewellery, and while costume jewellery is much cheaper than antique pieces, some items are very well made. Costume jewellery became popular with wealthy women who did not want to risk wearing their very valuable antique jewellery items, plus this offers the average person a chance to glow, with bright and shiny items that have little real value. Most women possess a few items of costume jewellery, which are used to accessorise modern outfits.

Quality Costume Jewellery

One should never assume that all costume jewellery is cheap and cheerful, as there is a market for quality costume jewellery items, and these colourful items are perfect for certain social occasions. The online antique jewellery dealer such as the reliable Kalmar Antiques would have a fine collection of top-quality costume jewellery, and one could regard a high-quality item as a form of investment, even though it is a costume piece.

Antique Vs Vintage Jewellery 

There is a fine line between antique and vintage jewellery, which could be as little as a few years, as technically, a 95-year old ring is actually a vintage piece, which would determine its value. If you want to be certain that an antique item, is, in fact, an antique, buy from a reputable online antique dealer, as they would have a reputation to uphold and would never misrepresent an item.

Fine Antique Jewellery

If your interest lies in fine antique jewellery, there are online specialists with a stunning collection of antique jewellery items, and they can easily be found with a Google search. In the event you are looking for a very specific antique item, the online dealer would have extensive connections within the industry, and would be able to source specific items to order. There are also some dealers who offers both antique and modern pieces.

The Benefits of Costume Jewellery

If an item was lost, it would not be the end of the world, and for many fashion-conscious women, their expensive antique jewellery is rarely worn, as they have a wide assortment of costume jewellery that has little value when compared to genuine antique items.

To the untrained eye, an Art Deco style ring might look like a genuine antique, yet with some close inspection, it becomes obvious the item is a replica of real antique piece. Always purchase antique jewellery from a reputable antique dealer, who would have a reputation within the art and antique world, and over time you can build up an impressive collection of both antique and costume jewellery.

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