Adorable items from Hey House Cart

I’m browsing online for some adorable products. Hey House Cart caters to such so among other things here is the reason why I pick these items. 1) Duck plushie which definitely looks so adorable. 2) Unicorn slipper and pocket coin bag which is not only cute but it is also useful as a bag. 3) The pineapple crochet bag is another bag that is cute, also pineapple is one of my favorite snacks. 

Moving on I picked some of the items that will be useful like I picked a 1) metal straw for drinking since its metal you can help save the earth from plastic consumption. A 2) gym bag when you go out to the gym.  3) an rainbow leaves umbrella since the sun is too hot. 

In ideas for gifting babies this 1) cute pineapple slippers is really adorable. This 2)feather patterned baby headband is very cute as well. The feathers pattern makes it like a million bucks. Especially this 3)flower pattern baby headband you got to get this one too.

A handmade bag that is in a heart shape is too cute as well. This 1) heart bag is perfect. Also, If you will ever need a 2) neck travel pillow this one is really adorable. This 3)make up organizer for the make up products would be so useful as well.

x Aly



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