Huda Beauty Nude and Rose Gold Palette

Let us talk about Huda Beauty collection right now. Huda Beauty Palette is just too amazing. The most appealing to me is Rose Gold and Nudes in which we will delve into details. You know I just want to sink into the new Huda Beauty nude eyeshadow palette set because of the 18 highly-pigmented shades included inside. OMG as if it has everything that we all need. Not only that, it promises a butter-like application because of the aloe-vera and coconut oil formulation. 

I also included here Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette because if you want to play more, the colors of this palette is more enthralling which is based from the exotic landscape of the Arabian desert.  I totally both love it, I can’t decide which one is to love more because I love them both. 

I cannot resist the Huda Beauty Contour Strobe shell because it goes so well with the Huda Beauty nude eyeshadow palette. This lippie is so perfect for day and night go to look. When you cannot decide what to use for a lippie of course better go with the Huda Beauty Contour Strobe Shell. Also you cannot leave behind the Huda Beauty Textured Shadows which is good in slayin smoky and metallic looks, which makes the lips more textured and perfect.

In my last posts I also feature since their wholesale promotions of wholesale makeup are unbelievable for us ladies, makeup artists, and for everyone of course. I am delighted and pleased for the affordability that the online store promise. Not only that there are freebies as well when you buy a specific product. If you have not yet already checked them out, you are totally missing a lot of make up products! I suggest for a make up haul. 

x Aly



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