Selecting The Right Metal For An Engagement Ring

Selecting the perfect engagement ring for the lady in your life is not easy. There are many things to consider including cost, stone selection and also the metal used. Looking online and in jewellery shops, you are literally spoilt for choice and it can be very hard to actually find a ring that ticks all the boxes. Does your bride-to-be favour gold? Platinum or silver? Rubies or diamonds? Plain or elaborate? These are just a few things you need to find out before you actually start looking. 

Although the stone selection is reasonably straightforward, when it comes to selecting the metal, things can get tricky. If you know of a jewellery specialist, by all means ask them for advice, they should be able to provide you with the merits of each particular metal and perhaps the most popular designs for each of them.

The hardest part of buying an engagement ring that your bride-to-be will love and cherish is finding a ring that you know she will like. Ok, you may have a fair idea of her personal taste and fashion sense, but an engagement ring is not generally the type of jewellery that is taken off and changed like a necklace or pair of earrings. She will, for the most part, never take it off. You might want to get some opinions from her family and friends as well. This will ensure that you are doing all in your power to make the right choice. The selection of bespoke engagement rings Brisbane gentlemen buy for the special ladies in their lives are wide and varied; it depends on their taste and your budget.

Engagement Ring Metals

As previously mentioned, there are a number of different metals you can choose when selecting an engagement ring. These include but are not limited to:

White Gold - Probably one of the most popular choices due to its beautiful polish and shine. 
Platinum - Although fairly expensive in comparison to gold and silver, a platinum engagement ring is a token of love that almost every lady will appreciate.
Palladium - Possessing many of the qualities of platinum but at a lower price, palladium engagement rings are attractive, low maintenance and durable.
Silver - Silver is a perennial favourite when it comes to engagement rings and popular for ladies whose fashion sense is classic more than trendy.
Titanium - Growing in popularity every year, titanium engagement rings are extremely durable and also hypo-allergenic making them the perfect choice for those who are sensitive to certain metals. 

The precious metals detailed above are just a few examples of the metals that you can consider when buying an engagement ring. An established and experienced jeweller will be able to offer other options should you wish to explore other avenues. Your jeweller will also be able to give you advice on the respective qualities of each metal and should also be up-to-date with the latest trends. If you need inspiration, the internet is awash with ideas and is a good place to start your quest for the perfect engagement ring. 

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