Why Intense Pigment of Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup is Satisfying

Today we tackle another make up post in collaboration with wordofmakeup.com. In my last post I told you about how they have the most affordable makeup as an online brand. Which is amazing really. For only 10$ as wholesale price that is so amazing. Now, regarding Anastasia eyeshadow palette, I suggest that this lip gloss, lip liner, and eyebrow liner would be perfect in combination. 

Let us go more into details. Anastasia liquid lipstick delivers quite an intense shot of matte pigment in single application. It would not come off unlike any other brand. They have so many amazing colors to choose from as well in the collection of the brand. They have over 19 colors of this matte, wow. I love a good brand of matte because when you would use it in the start of the day, it would definitely would not come off until the end of the day.

Another one is Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss. The gloss in this lip shiner is so translucent and shine is high with a hue of intense pigment which one would find as highly satisfying. Let us talk that the pigment of the product will make your lips full since the hue is intense. The included lip applicator will give you the amazing results that you want. It is very nice when the brand includes lip applicator, in such that there is no need to use brushes whatsoever. I find it highly versatile and very convenient.

Also, I am recommending getting the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil in combination with all of the wholesale products that you want to buy. It is soft brown, this color is amazing in perfectly blending the colors of eyebrows into the shape that you desire, and as well as promises waterproof in its use which is very versatile for everyday use. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend in buying wholesale makeup.

x Aly



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