My Cut Crease Make up Look and Global Village 2020 trip

I had a lot of fun this weekend because just recently this Friday my Mom wants to go in Global village. It has been a year ago when I went here with my sister and her friend. So, I was quite curious what Global Village now looks like as it is already 2020. For the full post click here. If you don’t know what Global Village is, Global Village is an amusement park that combined 90 countries across the world at one amusement park. 

I did a cut crease make up look and there are some facts about me, so for the full post click here. Smokey eyes with cut crease is so dramatic. I was happy with the feedback on the comments. Make up can make you feel like a queen. Anyways I don’t really put make up that much, depends on the occasion.

x Aly



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