Organising Your Sunglasses Collection

The cost of designer sunglasses has come down considerably when compared to twenty years ago. Because of that, it is now so it is common for people to have a collection of different designer sunglasses.

If you find that you are starting to grow a collection of these sunglasses, you may want to take some time and consider storage solutions. Storing them in an appropriate place will help to ensure that the frames do not get damaged, or the lenses scratched. Below are some tips and ideas that you may wish to consider.

Reuse A Medicine Cabinet

Humps Optics cheap designer sunglasses come in a wide variety of styles and colours, and storing them can be done simply with some creative thinking. An excellent way to reuse something that you may have lying around is to turn an old medicine cabinet into a display case for your shades. Give it a good clean before you store your glasses, and you may even wish to give it a coat of paint while you are at it.

Repurpose A Shoe Rack

If your collection of designer sunglasses outgrows your medicine cabinet, you can also repurpose a shoe rack made from a fabric that is designed to be hung on the back of a door. The shoe rack will have pockets that you can use and slot each pair of glasses into. You should clean them thoroughly and remove any bits of sand, grit, or dust, which may scratch or damage the lenses before using it.

 Use A Coat Hanger

Another way that you can have your sunglasses in one convenient place ready to use is to have them dangling from a coat hanger. You will want a sturdy coat hanger that is made from metal or wood and does not flex a lot in the middle. You can wrap some felt around it so that it will not scratch your designing sunglasses.

Create Something Bespoke

Whether you are craft-minded or you know someone that is, you can always design and make a purpose-built storage solution for your sunglasses. Going with this option may cost you a little bit of money, as well as time if you make it yourself, but you can create something that has all the features you require and has plenty of room for your collection. You could create a wall-mounted cabinet that is lined with felt for each pair of glasses, or you could make something from fabric and hang this from the wall or inside your wardrobe.

Repurpose A Jewellery Tree

Another idea that for you to display your shades is to repurpose a jewellery tree and replace any jewellery with your sunglasses. It is an ideal solution if you only have a small collection, and you should be able to get four or five pairs on a reasonably sized jewellery tree.

A Hard Glasses Case

In an ideal world, you should store them in a hard case that gives them ample protection until they are needed. If you take excellent care of your designer glasses, they can last you for many years to come. Storing them in a hard case will help to prolong their life even further.

These are a few ways that you can store your sunglasses collection. Picking any of them should ensure your collection gets organised, making it easy for you to pick the pieces you want to wear for the day.

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