Delicate and Stunning Dresses

I started gym by the way in January 1. But skipped a lot since my time management sucks. Also, I am a yolo person now. But sometimes I could not do the things I must. I should though. I totally will. Because you only live once right. I mean why the hell not?

Now let me introduce you to another amazing online boutique where you could browse endless stunning dresses. I want one for my wardrobe as well. My wardrobe is so full the cabinet is crying. But, a girl still says I don't have anything to wear. That's what I still say hahaha.

I was browsing a lot of long bridesmaid dresses in the website as well. There are so many beautiful gowns. Sparkly and ready for you to wear. I would like to wear them all if I have a choice.

Then there are these drop dead gorgeous short bridesmaid dresses. For me, my faves are short ones and long ones. Everything is just so dreamy. I am now addicted to their collection. You can check them out too if you are interested.

x Aly



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