Style That Never Ends Out On The Street

I always am walking when I am going to my work. The last time was so messy. I encountered a sand storm! Likely I am blown out by the wind. There are too much sand all over my eyes. But I still walked. You gotta keep walking towards your destination. Am I right?

Anyways I never knew how many cool walls I could find off the streets. I just find some cool spots for background near my home. Since it takes effort to travel. People might think I'm crazy doing all these poses. Some people even get out of the building and they be like, who's that girl?! Well it is just me. Hahaha! Social media influencer duties yeah?

I am featuring this lovely top from Rosegal which is a Lace Up Criss-Cross Long Sweater, and I am so addicted with the lace up details. The Chic High-Waisted Broken Hole Design Solid Color Women's Jeans is too much distressed, this denim, I love it.

Click the links to shop the post:
Lace Up Criss-Cross Long Sweater c/o Rosegal (here)
Chic High-Waisted Broken Hole Design Solid Color Women's Jeans c/o Rosegal (here)



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