Villa Escudero

I went to Villa Escudero with my relatives. It was a memorable experience. Our ride is a carabao driven carriage. What made it special is the lady singing filipino native songs as we enjoy the ride towards our lunch at the Villa Escudero Waterfall's Restaurant. If you are curious play the minute vlog below to see my experience in riding this carriage.

Yeah it is in our habits that we name everything out, even tropical storms we name them. This Carriage's name is Sandara. This reminds me of Dara she is a kpop idol that was discovered in the Philippines when she joined Big Brother Philippines Edition. She grew up in the Philippines, is a korean then she debut as an kpop idol in 2ne1 in Korea.
A candid shoot with my sister Aimee.
We enjoyed this dessert halo halo.
I told you how Magnificent this falls here .
I also told you how cute this Pink Church and Pink Mansion here.

xo, Alyssa



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