Effortless in Denim

Pained, I was. Excruciatingly insurmountable pain, I felt. A memoir that haunts me. I relive. A time will come when you will feel pain. There will always be. There will always be ahead as well.
Paralysed. Unable to move or feel. I am panicking. Is there any hope left? Will my future become bleak? Will I still be able to do things I did before? What now? Why me? I have felt the sensation. Yes, there is no feeling. But you are aware. Every bit of the second, as time passes by.
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But here I am again effortlessly happily wearing my Button Front Skirt (similar
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There are pretty flowers ahead smiling at me.

"You will always be fine".

"You are a lucky girl".

Which have made me more of an altruistic empath even as I was before.
The things I dream. The things you dream. Keep dreaming. Because. You just can. It can be possible. I assure you.


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