The Hell Yeah Shirt

While I was watching finding dory.

Hell Yeah!

In my speculation, the current generation now also advocates, to be in the moment, likely you live only once statement. Especially snap chat. A snap chat story is captured in an epic moment. Then its forever gone after 24 hrs. Like a ticking time bomb diary vlog.
First, the characters were all cute especially when she was just a baby fish. Second, since she suffers from a short term memory loss, the puns were hilarious and all her decision making was always, living in the moment gut thinking. Third if a 3d film was seen in 3d glasses, well, the movie looks so realistic. It was like. Oh! they are swimming through my eyes!
Not everything can be planned. Unless you're in your worst case scenario, you're still fine. The film made me want more to be epic and be on the moment.

Have fun! Wander about in the beach, in the park, in the malls, foodie stalls, into the woods. My fave is into the woods. The nature is so zen and too calming. Every bucket list thing you need to do. Eh! which can be only done in free time. So sad.

But there are these responsibilities too! Singing Adele's song. Hello, it's me. But if one is in a delabilitating disease, giving up without a fight is also meh. So it's better to give all you got.
Since I was back in the sand pit disney land in just a week with my fam bam. The hunger strike this ramadan in the sand pit is at it's peak! I tell ya! I'm likely joining in even if I'm not muslim. It is not allowed to eat outside. I like it. Intermittent fasting in which, I don't mind, it's nice. When it's iftar the food is more tasty too. I just posted this now it's probably eid now when you will read this.
I agree that it's more fun in the philippines. Though I did not do much in that short duration. Eh! it was too late I did not come with when they were going to boracay, tsk tsk. But I don't mind being anywhere. I bet it's fun everywhere anywhere soo..
Anyways I just adore this cute pompom laced shoes. Share some of your bucket list things in the comments below too :)
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x Aly



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