Vibrant Escape to Colorful Cartagena

Colonial Romance in Cartagena

Do you fancy a getaway in Caribbean? Great value vacations makes your travel dreams come true especially a  Colombian Getaway in Cartagena would surely give you an unforgettable experience. Highlights to visit includes historic heart of Cartagena which is the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Travel to maze of cobbled roads, lined with balconied houses and colonial arches. You will definitely become stunned by the laid-back, beach vibe just outside of this historic old walled city. Visit 17th century Iglesia de San Pedro Claver which is one of the most monumental ornately baroque churches. Why not visit as well the Gold Museum and see all of the glamorous artifacts representing the traditions of Colombia's past?

Cartagena has a lot of stories to tell as its vintage streets in the old quarter has names. You will want to come and visit and explore the highlights in “La Heroica” (the “Heroic City,” which was the name given to Cartagena during Colonial times).  You'll want to visit as well the Fortress of San Felipe, Convent of San Pedro, and Emerald Museum. 

Don't miss the chance to visit Cartagena which is a place that was founded in 1533 by the Spaniard Pedro de Heredia, and since that time, has experienced a very interesting life – including a combination of gold-crafting Indigenous tribes, Spanish colonialism, pirates and corsairs, African slaves, fortifications. 

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