Roses Rocks


Gucci bloom as the roses enchants, enchanting me, enchanting you. Thus, filling up everything. Overwhelming blooming floral lights up my vibe. The sea is always calming. You are not a drop in an ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. Wearing roses outfit whilst I delve into the calmness of the sea elegantly pierced the peace. Purpose. What is the purpose of everything? Check my digital art inspired by the ocean here

It has been so long since I took photos. Inspiration came. I will. So I did. Here I am again into the sea. Where the vast everythingness is what I can feel. Do not forget about the roses. As the roses blooms always. It feels right to wear this. Why? It is just in my mood. Style is your soul. Choose what you wear. 

Outside is overwhelming. All people’s faces are covered with surgical mask. Yet here I am unencumbered. Of course I love to breathe the air. It is fresh as it has ever been. Isn’t it? We play this game. I feel asphyxia when I cover. 

Where on earth can you find the place where you can remove your mask? Here in my place where everything is freedom and open. In the beach. In Dubai. Come. 

Rocks are everywhere. Beach is the place where you can just be amazed with the view and gaze into calmness. 

I can stay here forever. Indeed I stayed forever in a moment. Where here is peace. Gucci bloom.

X Aly

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