How to be Classy during Spring

I flow with the wind. The air is gushing. What a classic ensemble. Classy with the floral style. I love the florals, this combination is stunning. The universe come to me in unison. I combined fleur with a classy piece. Blooming as I go. I walk with style. Like a queen I go.

I am declaring myself with confidence. Why? Well why not? When everyone is not believing in you.. No that would not be the case since they are preoccupied with their bubbles usually. Soo just be. You are not in a bubble, you are the bubble. I don’t know why but this outfit is just adorable. 

The aesthetic structure of the backdrop is nicely going well with my classy look. You can copy this style so easily. The ensemble is easy. There is the shop the look down below from the app. I usually put this so that when an inspiration comes the people who visit my blog can remake my style make it better on their own. There is just this calmness when I take my ootd. Can you feel the vibe? 

When I was taking my photos outside. There are strangers on the streets. One person said is this for tiktok? I cannot help but laugh. Because I am taking my photo with a tripod while I walk. I feel they want to join. So by the way do you have a tiktok? Comment down below and I’ll check yours out. 

x Aly

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