Answers To Common Questions About Argyle Diamonds

 If you know anything about diamonds, the word ‘Argyle’ would surely be in your memory somewhere. This is the famous Western Australia diamond mine that put Australia on the coloured diamond map. In order to give you a deeper insight into this unique mine, here are some common questions and answers related to the Argyle Mine and its sought-after diamonds.

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Where Exactly is the Argyle Mine Located?


The Argyle Mine is located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, which is nestled in the remote northern region of the state. If you are looking for a pink diamond engagement ring designer who can design the ring according to your specifications, a Google search is the best place to start.


What is the History of Argyle Mine?


Since the early 19th century, diamonds have been found in parts of Australia and pioneering gold panners discovered stones on the Lennard River and in 1969, a consortium of mining companies called the Kalumburu Joint Venture began to prospect. In 1979, a field was discovered on the floodplains of a small creek that ran into Lake Argyle and it wasn't long before the real cache of diamonds were discovered at Smoke Creek.


Is the Argyle Mine Still in Operation?


Sadly, no. The mine ceased operations in November 2020 and at present, the Rio Tinto Corporation are carrying out site rehabilitation, which will go on until 2025. If you would like a one off design in Brisbane or in your local area, there are reputable custom jewellers that can acquire pink Argyle diamonds at trade prices.


What Colour Diamonds Were Found at the Argyle Mine?


The main colour of quality diamonds found were pink, with the most common colour being champagne. Other colours include purple, blue and red, while the best of the world’s pink stones hail from this mine.


How Are Argyle Diamonds Marketed?


There is a special event called The Argyle Diamond Tender, which is held annually and a group of select jewellers are invited to make tenders for some of the best diamonds in the world. Typically, the tender would consist of the top 40-50 diamonds found in that previous year. The premier jewellers in Australia would have access to the best pink diamonds that were found in the Argyle Mine and they can save you a lot of money.


Why Are Argyle Diamonds Expensive?


This is because the stones found at this mine are in the ‘fancy’ and ‘vivid’ range, which is the finest grade you can have. While Argyle pink diamonds might be expensive, they will appreciate in value as time passes, making for a very wise investment.



If you would like to create a stunning pink diamond engagement ring, talk to a leading custom jeweller who would have access to some of the best Argyle pink diamonds at very reasonable prices. The designer can help create a ring that says what you want it to say and there will only be one in the world, making it truly unique.

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