Costume Idea For You in Halloween: Cat Suits, Angels, And Black Halos


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I hope that you are having a lovely day right now. The Halloween season is coming. I bet that you will be invited to many parties during the holidays. Heck yeah! Since everyone is vaccinated nowadays, we can all gather again. Thank god. Good riddance of the social distancing. Which makes me so happy. Here are some outfit ideas for you. 

Btw you can also check out the video here:

The angel costume from Boohoo really inspired me. Holy vibes feel peace through your heart. It brings tranquility. The costume set has a white halo, wings, and wand. I love the idea of dressing as an angel. 

You can also go with a more edgy look as a bad-ass fallen angel. If you are in the mood of dressing up with a dark romance gothic theme. I just adore this black halo that I scoured. Don't forget to up your looks with dark make-up.

A catsuit costume cannot be completed without the mask. So here is another badass cat mask. The studs' embellishments complement the look so well. What a very sassy edgy look.

If you would wear a catsuit mask during the Halloween. Your identity looks safe.This costume is so charismatic and alluring.

I was having fun watching Star Girl so that sparked the idea of a catsuit for a costume which is really an awesome outfit.

Thank you for being here. 

x Aly



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