Black and Burgundy

Christmas has just ended and what a happy day it is! But is it really? I was expecting more of this holiday. The festive lights. The christmas trees. The delicious food. Celebrating with family relatives. But then this thing happened.

During the 24th of December, we were about to go to the seaside to celebrate christmas eve with our relatives. All packed up and ready to go. Of course we could not fit into the car so I have chosen to not ride with my sister Aimee and my other sisters, and my Mom and Dad.

I then ride with Shaira and her Mom and her little brother. If you know her we live together in our house, she is my cousin. Actually she mocks me for my height, excuse me for not being a 6 footer Shaira! *laughs.

We stayed much longer and her Mama did these things she needed to do. It is already 5 pm and it is getting darker. We were ready to go. On to the roadtrip! 

"Let us try this way. I bet it will be a breeze since the bridge of hope is now built. Oh and let us go pump this fuel to a full tank first!"Shaira's Mama said.

This is a war! Oh my! Are we stuck here? Is the time still moving? Why is this happening? Those are my thoughts. 

We are in the middle of the road squished. The cars are not moving and we were nowhere near our destination. 

From hours of hours of painstaking contest of who will get to go first. Who will find a way to cheat off the road and get to a faster way. The cars are so delicate even a tiny scratch is so infuriating. 

Hangry. Yes, all of us. We are getting more hangrier, a fusion of anger and hunger pangs is overtaking us.

"Let us go back!" I proposed. 

Shaira proposed. 

Her little brother agrees. 

Her Mama drove.

xo, Alyssa

Photographed by: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs



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