Comfy Christmas X Banggood Wishlist

The weather here is a bit chilly even if it is still always summer. It is only a week more left till Christmas. It is so nice just being comfy.  Holidays are so comforting. Its so nice as well to just be lazy and be so laid back. There is nothing to worry about. Everything is just as is. But after this, a new beginning is just ahead again, beckoning. A new year. There are so many possibilities. There might be different outcomes, challenges to come. But yeah, I still feel lazy haha! Can I still be lazy? This comforting feeling is hugging me tightly and never letting me go. There are just so many things to accomplish and do after the holidays. Can it just be holidays forever? Just kidding. I need to face it. I need to face you. Yes you. Laziness.

Photograph is taken by: Kiam

This is my Christmas Wishlist in Banggood

XO, Alyssa 



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