Faded X Kawaii Box

I am greeted by the sunshines and warmth of the sun in my country. My look here is very minimal, clean, and chic. I wore a grey v neck shirt paired with this skirt. The combo is neutral, with subtle accessories and comfy as hell. Sometimes being minimal is enough as to being stylish. The holidays are getting nearer and nearer. Can you feel it? I can feel it. Holiday Christmas bliss is just ahead. Enjoy and savor while it last. Damn.

It is fast paced, quickly happening. In a moment I am shook, wildly stricken. In an instant I am, but only helpless. Most of the trauma is everlasting. The resulting scars are still deep, sipping.  I do not have any sensation, but only a bit. My bones are weak. My skin is still burning, having jolts of vibrating like electricity. My nerves are still damaged. Nothing will ever be or can be predicting, planning can be in any doing, but there are things that are inevitable. I am infinitesimal, but a tiny spectrum. I am tainted. A part of me has. Faded. 

I won the Kawaii Box Giveaway by Carmella

Photographer: Aimee Bustillo of Capturing Life Memoirs

Xo, Alyssa



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