Magnificent Falls

Can you imagine eating beside falls? Imagine the scenery, I have experienced it. Though it is manmade it was splendid, relaxing, I was one with the nature. The water was free flowing beneath my feet. It was kind of hard to walk. The force of the earth’s gravity was so strong. There were stepping stones in the middle. The foods were served as a buffet type. Eating while watching the waterfalls is definitely memorable, but there is occasional splashing that was annoying especially if there is a kid he or she will play by the water, good thing I avoided them and I was not soaked. We ate by hand though I should have asked for spoon, fork, and knife, or chopsticks. I am not used in eating with bare hands. It was a great experience. Kind of unusual/quirky experience again but, amazing nonetheless. I will tell you the place it was in a Waterfalls Restaurant in Villa Escudero, Philippines. The name has a Spanish feel to it. So, do you want to go to these kinds of adventures?

Photographer: Aimee Bustillo Capturing Life Memoirs

xo, Alyssa



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