Pamana Restaurant

Let me now take you to a vintage restaurant place, this was my travel photo diary when I was with my family and have gone to a restaurant called Pamana in Tagaytay, Philippines. In Filipino "pamana" means heritage. Since the season when I was in the Philippines back then is only one which is summer, like it changed anyway that I am now in a hotter place dessert safari adult disneyland Dubai. What I wore here is in Lush Life outfit post back then in December. I was greeted by this grid vintage photos hanging on the wall, some of it consisted of iconic celebrities. How it was presented was so attractive, my eyes were practically glued on the wall as I pass by the stairs. Me and my sisters and cousins led to this thinking, why don't we do this to our house?

Here I am sitting in this vintage chair, with this beautifully fixated mirrors behind me, I am in vintage feels, vintage wonderland.

Of course the vintage chandeliers, they always makes us feel right at home. We were kinda hangry now so we had not captured the yummy food we ate but it was so delish I tell ya! We ate pinakbet, crispy pata as a side dish and lots of rice, rice, more rice, rice as the main dish, because asians cannot live without rice, I kinda am fed up of rice, am I still asian? just kidding. 

This place makes me feel right at home. I think that the theme here is filipino heritage, its vintage feels. Yeah it was embellished with celebrity iconic walls filled with epic beauty pageants, celebrities. But we enjoyed our hearty meal.

xo, Alyssa



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