Golden Light

I'm off to a quick trip here in the Philippines. What I missed the most was borrowing stuffs. Like as of right now, I borrowed Shaira's shorts, and coincidentally I picked the same off the shoulder top from my wishlist, mine was from Banggood.

Of course I borrow stuff too from my sister Aimee, she and I, our features are almost the same, people confuse me with her appearance. The chunky heeled platforms I borrowed from her.

My other sister Arlyssa, I borrow stuff from her as well and people confuse us for having almost exactly the same name. I just feel nostalgic borrowing stuffs, well they borrow from me too.

The perks and joys of having relatives as bloggers.
While if I am in Dubai right now, all I can borrow from my tween sister was her tiny chambray, hahaha which I wore here. Tween sisters are just too cute, but damn, her height is already exceeding mine. Still, I could always do yoga, meditate, lie flat in a banig/futon without a pillow, just stretch, and stretch some more and that thing which I don't do the most, sleep hahaha.
Let me show you how to style off the shoulder print effortlessly.

First, combine it with denim.

My Off the shoulder print top from Banggood with denim, shouts casual chic and effortless. Whether you opt in for pants having straight cut, skinny, or going boho flares, and lastly, my loves and faves, distressed denim, the most effortless and kick ass trend of them all. But I am wearing it as shorts, it's too damn hot in here I'm melting. Plus have I already told you that I've broken up with my pants :)
Second, wear it with breezy heels.

When I walk with wedge style shoes or platform style shoes, I can even run because it has more support. Kidding! I still can't run, sadly. Yeah! just cause this one leg have been in the Operating Room 2x already! I think I could wear +++++ inch more soon haha.

Plus being breezy equals being effortless.

Are you, being breezy? If you know what I mean ;)
Third, accessorize it with time piece.

My Classic Shefield from Daniel Wellington is just a perfect time piece to wear. You can use code 'alyinwanderland' for a 15% off until July 31
Is it just me or do I look like a vampire right now? I was always chasing the sun during photo shoots, and I always end up taking pictures when the sun is almost down, but here, it was direct sunlight. My god, I am like shining shimmering right now!

Click the links to Shop the look:

Off the shoulder top C/O Banggood here. Shorts similar. Platforms similar. Classic Shefield C/O DW watch here.

xo, Alyssa



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