When Neon Meets Pastel

Sweet Mother of Pearl! I've spawned all this neon in me. My neon shirt is dazzling, piercing painstakingly, momentarily blinding my eyes. Like the cruelty of some people. Likely there is something in my eyes, oh gosh, it hurts!

Me and my puns, insert winking face emoji*

Totally kickass too when paired with cute pink pastel tones of my rose kimono.

So great to be lucky, in finding a button front skirt during sales in New look. Oh, "we were so meant to be". Here I am, so obsessed, when finding cutesy things that I adore.

With my pants, "there is no forever". I totally need to diy and shred my denims altering the style into a distressed one. Nope not shred. I meant, just cut it, haha! In the knees, denim part.

When does it ever go out of sale in New look anyway?

Nope, it just never goes out. Ever! 1, 2, 3, 4, high five!
Styling neon shirts is hard, am I right? Especially a yellow hue having a tanning effect. But since I'm me, always being so effortless, wearing neon and pastels like a lady. In the end, everything totally combined so well.
Plus, I got a Rose Gold Wristband Classic South Hampton from Daniel Wellington, complimentary with my Classic Shefield watch.

You can avail a complimentary strap too, until June 16.

As well as 15% off using discount code "alyinwanderland" when buying a watch in Daniel Wellington until July 31.
Click the links to Shop the look:

Neon shirt old similar. Floral Kimono old. Button front skirt similar. Wedge Shoes. C/O DW watch, here.

Bored AF, since it turned almost jet black again already, I'm thinking of dyeing my hair. Definitely mind blown of timid rainbow colors. Maybe my hairstyle needs to join the opalescent side. Like the new icon of instagram. In my dreams, dream hair.

All that neon though. x Alyssa



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