Alyssa's Favorite Organic Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake


 If I could choose the food to survive. What would it be? For me, I would choose an organic protein peanut butter chocolate flavored shake. Not only that I would stay healthy, toned, lean. I would look my best and I would feel like a superhero from being strong in health, aesthetics, and physique. So I look in google where I can find the most information online.

I found the Orgain brand. Oh and my favorite flavor too. So if you really care about your health. You should always eat nutritious food like this brand and exercise every day. Since this habit will save your life and reverse your aging. It will make your mind sharp and mine also. If you’re curious about my favorite flavor then you can check it out. Not only that it is dairy-free, it is also soy-free, glucose-free, lactose-free, vegan, non-GMO. It is already packed with 21 grams of protein which is amazing. But for me, I need 100g to 200g at least to stay lean. 3 scoops of these along with other sources like chicken, tuna, peas, eggs would be amazing. 

Oh, and if you are convinced with what I am saying, I have a discount code that you can use one if you want to purchase in Orgain. Use the code ALYINW4NDERLAND. It is my Instagram handle as well. If you want to follow please free to dm me and say let’s connect as a fellow blogger. I love being friendly with all people in all parts of the world. Thanks for reading. 

x Aly



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