Travel Simply Dubai


I’ve been living in Dubai for so long but there are some places that I have not yet discovered. It would be nice to explore everything. Review and write about it. Here is the mood board of Dubai. Below are places that you can come and explore. These places are very famous in Dubai. I would love to meet with you if you want to come. The package Simply Dubai is from great value vacations which are an amazing platform. 

I would love to meet new people. From all around the world. So here I am by word of my mouth and writings. Advising you with the most affordable package from great value vacations. With all of this bull shit situation going on, you can still travel. Provided that you would practice being safe. So why not?

The tour from this consists of discovering Burj Khalifa, FYI it’s the tallest building around the world. You would go shopping in the most famous mall here which is the Dubai Mall. Go around Al Fahidi Historic Histrict and the vintage gold souk. Oh and don’t forget about the beach on the Palm Islands! It would be so fun! My advice is that you go. We are very safe here in my place. You would enjoy every second. 

x Aly



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