A Luxury That's Saving The World Be Part Of The Movement

I was approached by this campaign by the luxury brand specialist of the designer brand. Luckily I got to be a style ambassador with the brand. Now I know that the ones who comments in my blog are fellow style and beauty bloggers as well. 

So if you would like to be part of the movement please dm me on my Instagram @alyinw4nderland and I will tell you how. Or you can email me in contact@alyinwanderland with the title: "LK collab". I would love, my online blogger friends and influencers to be part as well. I am definitely aligned with their movement. A movement that is not only helping the world but I also represent them.

According to LK:

The LK signifies 'Kiss of Life'. Your purchase contributes 10% of proceeds to the A21 campaign to rescue the victims of human trafficking worldwide.

Each first kiss bag ordered represents 3 trees planted in Madagascar, to offset the C02 gases emitted by fast fashion's excess inventory. Usually destroyed by means of fire. Excess inventory causes the most population in the world, second to oil.

Liselle Kiss is a luxury handbag line, that is seen in British Vogue, GQ's Gift Guide for her, and Tatler's Magazine's Trend Report.

Your handbag is made from start to finish in the original garment district in New York City. Liselle Kiss personally works alongside her New York-based manufacturers to create an authentic fashion experience for you. The current time of arrival is 12 weeks. The bag will be shipped free of charge.

This is a limited edition luxury handbag that is available with selected peeps. You are lucky to be reading this. I hope that you can support your movement and be fashion-forward as well.

Scan the QR code to go to the kiss handbag. xo 

x Aly



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