Bodycon Leather Brown Casual Go To Look

Being basic is enough for me as my style depends on my mood. There is no need to think that much for a one suit kind of outfit like the dress you know. I wore this brown leather body con dress casually when I go out.  The weather is getting a bit colder nowhere so pairing this with my lapel green jacket like from what I wore before would be so nice as well.

Wearing a brown leather dress is so fairly effortless. Although I do have a habit sometimes to just wear comfy stuff like a 12-year-old boy. But yeah when you would wear a brown leather dress like this. It feels cute for casual. Pairing this with blocked heel black sandals would be so seamless and on point which I usually do. As for my makeup. It is nude all the way. That is why it is not that kind of seen like a no-makeup makeup look. But yeah keeping it simple is the key to being a basic diva.

I would post more outfits in my blog from now on since I am trying to keep busy in the pandemic. I have gotten the hang of this. Like with the masks on everyone is just wearing the masks outside. It doesn’t bother me anymore as it would have bothered me from before. As there is a cute designer mask you see. You can just wear them and it feels so cute. So I did a little experiment in making my designer masks. You can check out the designs on my Instagram @alyinw4nderland and I would love your opinion about my designs. Because I was inspired by the galaxy. I do feel I am a Starseed. That is why. So thanks for dropping by. Now that I am not that busy anymore I would also check your blogs from everyone who visits me hahaha. Love you, girls and boys! A kiss.

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