How to earn by Google Adsense


While sipping my tea and relaxing at home I am speculating of earning through my blog by Google  Adsense. Today I will guide you some strategies on how you can use this monetization especially that now that it is the pandemic. There are so many events that is cancelled. I am very annoyed about the situation. Everyone mostly stays at home still. What a great way to earn at home with the power of wifi and google just by writing the topics that you love. But yeah I have to adjust to this. Now that we found the way there is no stopping us. Please read further on how you can earn by Google Adsense. 

For me I mostly focus on my style in creating content but now there are a lot of online brands who contact me for sponsored post. Mostly my blog posts are advertisements. I am missing on putting my artistic side and just posting about topics that I care about. Now that I found a way in more monetization I am trying this right away. But of course I want to be an expert as digital nomad. Most blogs discuss a specific niche. But you are not limited to these. You can post whatever topic that you love if you have a personal blog like me. I love creating content through my blog. If ever you run out of topic to discuss there is article topic generator you can use it. But for the writers block, I don’t think I will run out of topics to say because I have a lot of hobbies.

Now for monetizing content using Adsense it is a very easy process. If you are an avid writer. You can create as much as blogs that you want per day. But you need to sign up in the Google Adsense to put up ads. You need to have 80 views and up per blog post with 300 words minimum. Once the ads are showing per 1000 views on your website you can earn 1-1.5$. Really content is the king. Since I have read about this I am avid of posting a lot of content now by the way. I usually post 1-2 blog posts on my blog. But now that I have learned this I am thinking of producing a lot more content so that I could maximize the earning potential in my blog. I want to inspire you to post more. Even if it contains affiliate links or not. Or if your posts are sponsored.

x Aly



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