Pink Dress Floral Kimono and Purple Flowers


Wearing pink dress along the florals is encompassing. The flowers smell like spring. Yes spring is in the air. The sun is lovely and warm. The air that is windy outside. I love walking as it rejuvenates my spirit. Walking to places that keep you calm and still your analytical mind. Why don’t you just take a moment to walk. It is always so nice to get in touch with the nature. It is calming for the both heart and the mind. Your soul shines as you walk into that path where no one can determine but yourself.

Destiny. It is always that you can choose. Do you believe in destiny? Because everything is possible. Reality manifest in this way. What you usually choose you get. It is not that complicated when the mind is still and as an observer. I walked and walked. Nearby there are amazing places to see. Everything that is easy is here. If you just relax. Follow the amazing path that leads to a flower cup one. It looks as if it is a film strip from a movie that’s wrapped into different strips and you are the director. 

Do not let other people who knows the best for you have it their way. They have their way and they are just selfish into controlling you into what they want. Have boundaries for yourself. Please respect yourself. You deserve people that accept you as you are, what you are right now. Do they know what you are? Obviously no. I wore this dress randomly from my closet. My mood is with the florals. I would choose avante garde also and grunge. Yes it is the spring, but your own style you can choose right? What is on your mood? Wear it! No one can stop you. The earth will soon evolve and the mars will be another planet that will be our home. It is amazing that some things just happen like poof. Everything is a bunch of surprise if you choose the most exciting. Everything that is easy to do. You should do it. It is that simple. That is how good magic works. You are the only you that exist. Why bother going to other things. Enjoy and relax like the Kardashians. You choose.

x Aly



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