Why A Yellow Dress Could See The Sun


When you want it now. The best of you now, is here. A yellow dress worn under the boats beneath the bright sky. The wind smells like the sea. The salt filled my lungs. Light as a feather, the yellow dress feels like a gushing wind. Yellow bright, fabric as smooth as a feather. Floral kimono made the dress brighter. My head is spinning, how very bright is this. It is as if my dress is as one as the bright sun.

The sound of silence flooded my ears. I hear the silence as I walk by, my shadows are like walking in a dream. I do not even know if I am alive or if I am walking on a dream, how can I ever explain? The bright star as the sun makes the yellow dress shine brighter. The darkness is being enveloped by the sea. 

What I started it will not end. I am going to live my life and know that we are going to be alright. The boats and the sea will be gone as I walk pass by. But the air the smell like the salty sea and the bright sun stays here with me. Like the brightness that never fade in the sun this dress is the same. 

I do what I want. I am gonna be what I want, when I want it. Yeah I will. I am going. No matter what they say. You can do it anyway. You are you. You know you better than others. There is no turning back. Do the most exciting. You do not have to chase the sun. It is bright any time. It is bright forever and always. Be like the sun. As every planet revolves around the sun they are enamored by its brightness. The sun do not need anyone or anything. As it is bright already. Abundant in sun rays. Energy that fills up every planet. Like the bright sun, it is as yellow as my dress is.

I felt calm and peace when I am at the sea. I will live in a boat sometimes. Living in a boat feels so calming. The smell of the salt feels amazing to breath. My lungs will feel heavy, as the heavy waves of the sea. You can watch it all day. The water flows in concentric waves. Can you feel it? The sun explode its most brightest rays which made the dress as bright and as yellow. I could see the sun as my dress felt so warm in my skin.

x Aly
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