Red Dressed in Boats

What an amazing experience to go nearby the sea again. Today I am at the creek near my home. I would sure to hang out here all the time. The view is amazing. There is the sunset. The boats look so adorable. Even the train boats look so cute. I was wearing a comfy red dress while it’s spring. The fabric is comfy. The sun is so humid. There are not much people who is around since I went around 3 pm. When the weather is a bit humid, you need to wear fabrics that are breathable. When the sun is coming straight at your face of course sunnies is a must.

The boats that are beside me are wooden. There are yachts as well but they are small type only. I enjoyed roaming around the Creekside. It is not that there are the boats only but there is also a park near me. Red short oversized dress in the springtime is perfect. Now the flowers are blooming. As I come back again I will capture them. Even if I am near the sea. I did not smell the salty water like when I went in the Mamzar the last time. 

Going outside amidst this pandemic feels rejuvenating. Oh and yeah now there is no more lock down. It is just the masks that we wear sometimes. I cannot wait next month, for sure we will not wear masks anymore and the pandemic is just a bad dream that passed by for us to face the shadows within. But yeah really next month I feel everything is more open. Especially the pi coin wallet will come at the end of the month. All of the three things that I like is here. The sea and boat. The flowers in the park. The sunset and the sky. I am abundant in nature here. 

x Aly




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