Denim on Denim for Spring


I am so happy that the world is so much more open now. Since the vaccines are already deployed. Epidemiology of the vaccines are good in statistics also. I digress. I am wearing denim on denim for spring. Well because now that the weather is already warm a bit and the sun is longer outside the fabric of the denim is comfortable. I would always choose soft fabric in what I would wear. I am not a fan of using air conditioner even if it is hot. I would just drink my coffee and tea and refuse the air conditioner. The warmth of the sun is good to feel.

Denim is a basics outfit. You can wear it all the time. Everyone wears this. I cannot find someone who would not wear denim. Well except for the locals who wore their national dress all the time. Maybe for my next look I should wear a national dress.

Whenever I pair denim on denim it is a monochrome look for the denim. Since the color block is only one. With my shoes sandals pumps that is color gray the shading is very monochrome. When I go out I am not a fan of big bags maybe only if I will go for some job but usually I would use clutch or hand bag to pair with my look. 

Denim will never get out of style. Since I am born I always wear denim. Although yeah I am only wearing dresses as a habit. Well I would use denim dress next time I think so that it will be different right?

Ever since this covid thing happen. I have been relaxing a lot and I studied a lot of things in zoom meetings. If you are not a fan of this mask. There are places where you can not wear this. For example in the restaurant if you will eat. In your home. When you are doing cardio. Hahahah. Anyways. Denim is a fabric that has been always giving me a casual and fun vibe. So it is nice to wear this. 100 percent of the population wear this look isn’t it?

x Aly

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